Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crazy crazy

Things are in full swing for wedding planning. We had to move the date because he had family who couldn't be in town for it. We felt like it was more important to have them there so we decided to postpone for one more week. One week isn't bad, right? That's one more week to plan...
AUGH! This is so hard! We still haven't full finished the guest list. Why do we need one anyway? I wish I could just make an annoucement on facebook and call random people like it's a party. Haha!! I just realized... I'm the man... I just called my wedding a party. Yep. It's getting crazy.
I just need to remain sane and hope for the best to turn out like I know they will.
What shoes should I wear under my dress? They've gotta be original... and pink. I want them to be a surprise and not tell him about the shoes. I want him to crack up when he sees them and think, "That is so like Hannah..."
I've got to find the perfect shoes.
Wish me luck.
Hopefully I won't turn into a bridezilla...

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