Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crazy crazy

Things are in full swing for wedding planning. We had to move the date because he had family who couldn't be in town for it. We felt like it was more important to have them there so we decided to postpone for one more week. One week isn't bad, right? That's one more week to plan...
AUGH! This is so hard! We still haven't full finished the guest list. Why do we need one anyway? I wish I could just make an annoucement on facebook and call random people like it's a party. Haha!! I just realized... I'm the man... I just called my wedding a party. Yep. It's getting crazy.
I just need to remain sane and hope for the best to turn out like I know they will.
What shoes should I wear under my dress? They've gotta be original... and pink. I want them to be a surprise and not tell him about the shoes. I want him to crack up when he sees them and think, "That is so like Hannah..."
I've got to find the perfect shoes.
Wish me luck.
Hopefully I won't turn into a bridezilla...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding planning

Oh man this is stressful. And who came up with the idea of having bridesmaids anyway?! My maid of honor lives in Italy and she is the only one out of the four who has done anything at all. I'm going to a wedding super store today with my mom and, naturally, I wanted to invite my bridesmaids. Not a one of them are coming. My sister has to babysit, Natalie isn't even answering my texts, and Elizabeth has a brand new baby kitten and she doesn't trust anyone else to watch it long enough for her to come. In fact... Elizabeth hasn't done anything to help me since day one. She didn't even come to the engagement party. Poor Clinton works so much it's almost impossible for him to put any input on anything at all. It's just so crazy!! 65 days till the wedding... and we have absolutely nothing. I don't even have my dress. Yea... stressful.
I need like 10 extra set of hands. Maybe that's what bridesmaids were supposed to be in the first place? :(

Monday, June 8, 2009


Boo! I just can't sleep.
Clint's brother in-law is getting a kidney transplant in a couple of days. My prayers are definitely with them. It's a pretty rough situation all around but God is so good. As always.
But since it's a pretty rough situation Clint is going up there tomorrow for three days to stay with them and be supportive. Yea... he's just that amazing.
Being away from Clint for the past 9 months really got to me. I can barely let him out of my site for the hours we have to sleep in different homes. I don't want to come off as selfish. Believe me, I'm glad he's going. His sister could use as much help as she can get trying to stay sane from the surgery and all the hospital drama. He's being a great brother and I love him for that. I just absolutely hate that I couldn't go with him. He'll literally be gone for not even three whole days and look at me. The fact that he's going doesn't bother me that much. It's the fact that we're not married and we can't go together. Can it be possible to simply hate not being married this badly? I hate that we have to say goodnight every night. He has to go to his house and me to mine. And right now he has to put at least
12 hours a day into the office so we can make enough money to get married by August. So we can't stay up late and we don't live together for obvious reasons. The first night I sleep with Clint will be the first night he is my husband. End of story.
Okay well enough complaining for now... he just called and he's in bed waiting for me. Yea... we sleep together on the phone every night. We did that while he was away in Virginia and now that he's home, we've just gotten so used to it that neither of us can sleep without the phone laying on our cheeks. Disgustingly cute, I know.
Thanks for reading.


I don't have a lot of free time in life at the moment... probably won't have a lot of free time. But I love to write and I have a pretty amazing life... definitely worthy of a story. Things are always hectic and dramatic in my life but it's evident that the Lord is always with me. So I guess this can be like a daily testimony and my thoughts as I go through my busy life.
I hope I get a lot of readers. The more the merrier so spread the joy around!
Of course, most of my writings will have to do with my wonderful fiancee Clint. He really is the one man out on this planet to make me smile the way he does. I never really thought that there was that one single person out there for you and you will be miserable if you don't find that one person. I felt like sometimes people get married on a whim and think they're madly in love and before they know it, they're filing for a divorce and having custody battles that ruin their children's lives. Can you tell that I'm from a divorced background? Anyways, I felt like God will always redeem you no matter the mistakes you may make but divorce was and will never be an option for me. After finding Clint, I know that he was the one made for me. I can't ever see myself growing old with anyone else on this planet. He's my one and only love. My best friend.
We have an incredible story on how we met and that should be another post for another day. It's pretty long when you get into the details. Just know that we met when we were 12 years old, lost touch, and I found him on facebook when I was 19. I'm now 20 and we're engaged and planning to get married this August. The date is unfortunately subject to change but August 22nd is pretty much a date we set in faith. We know that God wants us together and He will bring us together in His union, we're just waiting on this brand new job that Clint started a couple of weeks ago. But as soon as we can afford monthly rent and bills... we are getting married! I can't wait to be his mrs. :) He's amazing.
About me? Well I'm a Texas girl. Love my state more than anything pretty much. Got the tattoo on my foot for it. :) I'm into theatre, music, writing, pretty much anything creative. I love to doodle the most. :) I just started a new job at this cute little nut shop. It's adorable. I used to work at the Cheesecake Factory and it was killer!! I've been in the service industry for 4 years now and it was getting to me. I was getting pretty angry easily and was quickly losing patience with customers. I finally just turned in my two weeks notice without another job lined up. I couldn't take it anymore. I was unemployed for nearly 2 months and just spent time with my honey who just got back from school in Virginia. Yea... we did the long distance thing. Sucked. Never again. But now I have a job and I'm planning a wedding with the man of my dreams. Things are pretty good but as I said, hectic. I've already said too much today but I'll get more into to dramatics of the life of Hannah. Thanks for reading. :)